Unique in the Netherlands and also worldwide. Nowhere else in the world is a public facility like the media experience directly linked to the archives. The youthful history of audio-visual media demands a new form of experience, and Sound and Vision focus on this in their multimedia public facility - which is provided literally on top of the archives. The link to the archives means that Sound and Vision is up-to-date and different each day. The fifteen pavilions in this media experience let you experience the way in which our image of the world is defined by the media!

Relive it all
Sound and Vision’s media experience brings everything to life again. Be ready to meet your childhood heroes of the past once more. Cheer again as the first man lands on the moon or go back to 1969, 1988 or 2001: world news is still shocking. Sound and Vision: a slice of life!

Voyage of discovery
Sound and Vision most closely resembles a fantasy town, just waiting to be explored by the visitor. Fifteen theme pavilions in one large space… Each pavilion is a world of its own – in size, atmosphere, experience and character. Whether you want to lose yourself in dreams in front of images of bygone times, to produce your own programme or to learn more about the relationship between power and the media: everything is possible.

Take a break
You can take a break from your exploration in the two cinemas, where you can just sit back and experience things. The same goes for the Media Lounge, where you can see all your favourite programmes again at your leisure.

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